All about the Wanganui Harrier Club (WHC)

Our aim is to have fun arrow get fit arrow go faster arrow by running or walking.

At WHC all walkers and runners are catered for, we have activities and events to suit all abilities.
Age is no barrier, whether you are 4 or 84 and can walk or run you will enjoy the social and competitive atmosphere.

The official club season commences late March and continues through to late October. Following this we have several events leading up to the 3 Bridges Marathon in December - a highlight of the year. In early January we start the weekly Pumpkin Series 5km events leading up to the Brine To Wine 10 mile road race in late March. Also in January we have the Turakina Road Race, which coincides with the Turakina Highland Games.

The first half of the season is cross country and from late July we have road racing. The Vaoga Cup kicks off the cross country and the Whitlaw Cup is the first road event, a trophy keenly sort after. Trophies such as the Whitlaw Cup, Bramwell Trophy and Harrison Shield have a long history, going back over 70 years. The 2nd Saturday in September is the Marton To Wanganui Relay – an event on the calendar since 1931.
Club members compete during the year to win the coveted Points Trophies, which are based on handicap points built up during the season. Any member can win regardless of ability as all it takes is doing your best at each point’s event – and bribery of the handicapper of course!!

Start times Usually 1:30pm sharp on a Saturday afternoon with each event normally followed by afternoon tea at the Clubrooms at Victoria Park in Parsons Street. All are welcome to tell their story of the event over cake and biscuits (or sandwiches if you are into healthy.) Club members bring a plate please.
The results and trophies will be awarded and notices given at the afternoon teas.

Note: All subscriptions due before 30th April

Athletic NZ Registration All members have the choice to be registered with ANZ or club only. Full registration entitles entry to local and national champs. There is no addition to the subscription if you choose to be registered to ANZ as your full subscription will be paid directly to the AMW centre.

Club Colours

Runners & Walkers: Black shorts with official club singlet or t shirt.
Club colours to be worn at all trophy events.

Points Trophies

For a member to be eligible for trophies, you must be financial and wearing the official club uniform.
To be eligible for point’s trophies you must have competed in 7 of the 10 qualifying events. Points are accumulated on handicap results. Your best 7 results determine your overall final points tally with the lowest points determined as the winner i.e. the perfect results would be 7 wins and 7 points.