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Wanganui Harrier Club Virtual Series

Free Virtual Race Series – Open to all Whanganui walkers and runners (all ages, all fitness levels)

Participate in the WHC Virtual Race Series by completing any of the Challenges below. Each Challenge has a course video, a course description and a course map.

Remember to time your challenge so that after you complete it, you can submit your time here to appear on our leaderboard and have a chance to win some great spot prizes.

Each challenge will be posted on Friday and can be completed on Saturday – Wednesday. Participants need to submit their time for that weeks challenge by 10pm Wednesday to qualify for our official results and enter the draw for spot prizes.

At the conclusion of each challenge, we will post the top 10 times and announce some spot prize winners each Thursday here on our website and on our Wanganui Harrier Club Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WanganuiHarrierClub/ 

Once a challenge concludes, you can still time yourself and submit your time to our leaderboard.


All athletes participate at their own risk and agree to run as safely as possible and strictly adhere to all Covid-19 Level 3 Government restrictions. We urge individuals to remain vigilant about social distancing and to respect the 2-metre distancing rule at all times.  All racing MUST be done alone. The ONLY exception is if you are running with someone from your bubble (e.g. parent with their teenage kids, couple running together).

Use Your Feet: Yes, standard running race rules apply. No scooters, no bikes, no roller blades, no magic moving boots. Just you, a watch and your running shoes. Walkers must walk the whole distance. If you are choosing to walk and run, you must enter your time as a runner.

Challenge One Victoria Park

from Saturday September 4th – Wednesday September 8th 10pm


This course starts in front of the Wanganui Harrier Clubrooms at Victoria Park on St Johns Hill. Participants must complete two full laps of the course in a clockwise direction.

The course starts in front of the Wanganui Harrier Clubrooms, heads down behind the hedge, turns right at the end of the hedge and runs straight down towards the cricket nets, with trees on the left and the field on the right. It goes up the hill on the left of the cricket nets, down the hill behind the cricket nets, back up the hill and along the top. The course then heads to your right, down the hill, then left towards the slight embankment before the cricket clubrooms. Go behind these trees. The course goes on the field side of the cricket clubrooms and then you continue along by the boundary fence. Follow the fence as it kinks left. Go around the trees, head towards the chain across the driveway then straight ahead to beside the netting fence. Go around the two large trees, turn right, and then head back to in front of the Wanganui Harrier Clubrooms. This completes one lap (1km).

Proceed to do the same lap again. 2 laps completes the challenge.

Challenge Two Springvale Park

From Saturday September 11th – Wednesday September 15th 10pm

Course Description

This course starts on the left side of Jubilee Stadium next to the end of the concrete path. Participants must complete 1 full lap of the course in an anti-clockwise direction.

Head along the side of Jubilee Stadium. At the end of the building turn right towards Springvale Stadium. Head up the small hill, go around the tree and veer left towards the north corner of Springvale Park. Go around the tree in the north corner of the park and head south-west, along the trees with the fields on your left and trees on your right. When you reach the pathway that crosses the fields, veer right between the tree and the Green Dog, continue with the trees on your left and fence on your right. At the corner, go around the tree and Green Dog. Head south-east with the field on your left and trees on your right. Once you get to the last of the big trees veer right to go around the Green Dog and sign. Continue around this corner, keeping the trees on your left. Go under the Coming Events sign and towards the car park. Make a sharp left turn around the last tree with wooden frame and up the hill. Run along the top of the hill with the trees on your left and car park on your right. Head between the last two trees and Finish at the point you started.

One lap completes the challenge (1 mile).

Challenge Three Virginia Lake

From Saturday 2nd October – Wednesday 6th October 10pm

Course Description

The course starts next to the Leap-Frog statue in front of the Funky Duck cafe at Virginia Lake. Participants must complete 1 full lap of the course in an anti-clockwise direction.

Head south-east over the grass and alongside Great North Road. Go across the boardwalk and continue straight along the footpath. Take a left turn at Brassey Road, head up and along the undulating footpath until you take a left turn at the Virginia Lake entrance just past 19A Brassey Road. Go up the rise and head slightly right on the track going towards the Band Rotunda. Before the Band Rotunda, take a a left to go down the hill and follow the path (middle track) right around the hill. Stay on this track around the Lake until you reach the statue of Tainui and head right, away from the lake up the slight incline. At the top of the incline turn left to go across the grass with the stage and grass amphitheater on your right. Make one last left turn and finish at the Leap-Frog statue where you started. This completes 1, 2.3km lap.

1 lap completes the challenge.